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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Same-sex "marriage" propped up by the LGBTQQIAAP gang's psychotic agenda

"Mr. Zimmerman had a Great Dane with which he occasionally had sex, but it died four months ago. He now lives with his similarly zoophilic boyfriend and their Dalmatian." - New York Times

The LGBTQQIAAP gang epitomizes a house of cards propped up by one lie after another. Sheer, unbridled nonsense that has turned homosexuality into a fad as this sex-obsessed, STD-infested society proves foolish enough to look to the homosexual community for leadership.

The LGBTQQIAAP gang's fundamental lie revolves around promoting same-sex "marriage" as a "civil right," and necessitates more lies in order to prop up the sham. Distinctions between male and female (segregation) must be blurred or eliminated because such distinctions pose a threat to the gang's absurd "civil rights" analogy. So the LGBTQQIAAP gang's psychotic agenda necessarily includes blabber about men being able to choose to be women and women being able to choose to be men. Sanity is reduced to an Orwellian never-never land where men are viewed as "not necessarily men" and women are viewed as "not necessarily women." Stir in the gang's demand for unisex public restrooms and locker rooms (schools are a prime target), etc. ad nauseum. The gang conceals its ridiculous agenda by using the deceitfully abbreviated LGBT (with an occasional Q thrown in for good measure). The additional letters will be publicized as a brain-dead American public is gradually "conditioned" to accept what promises to be a never-ending parade of linguistic garbage. The gang's latest affront to sanity is the assertion that a change in sexual behavior isn't necessarily a change in sexual orientation. Such a notion is as indefensible as claiming rape is not about sex. By the LGBTQQIAAP gang's convoluted "logic," the intrinsic nature of reason itself is ultimately presented as unreliable.

The creepy, bullying nature of the LGBTQQIAAP gang cannot be overestimated. In Massachusetts, schools must now accept whatever gender a child chooses, and it took a public referendum to defeat the gang's demand for unisex public restrooms in Fayettville, Arkansas. Realizing that its agenda can't stand the light of day, the gang has been less vocal on the national level in its demand for unisex public restrooms. Propaganda spewed to a brain-dead public is the gang's best friend. Free speech is the gang's worst enemy. It's no accident that an openly homosexual legislator in Alabama is blackmailing other legislators if they dare to criticize homosexuality. In my case, speaking truth has gotten my remarks censored and participation in discussions banned by local television station WLTX News 19 on their Facebook page. My "crime" was consistently referring to "LGBTQQIAAP" and pointing out that the gang's demand for unisex public restrooms - especially in schools - is all the more ill-advised for a society struggling to contain an epidemic of child sex-abuse.

The direction things are headed is painfully obvious. Germany - a world leader in the promotion of homosexuality - has now seen the world's first pro-bestiality demo, and a German man is officially claiming he has a "civil right" to have sex with his dog. In Denmark - another leading aficionado of homosexuality - bestiality brothels are both popular and legal. In America, polygamy has been legalized in Utah, and a teenager is proudly declaring - as the LGBTQQIAAP gang promotes incest by blabbering about "Genetic Sexual Attraction" - her intent to marry her biological father. Of course, one of the LGBTQQIAAP gang's favorite techniques is to deceitfully howl that homosexuality is "different" from sexual perversions such as bestiality and pedofilia. In so doing, the gang feigns ignorance of the obvious fact that the common denominator linking homosexuality to other forms of sexual perversion is the discarding of traditional sexual norms.

Nationally franchised Planet Fitness gym has joined forces with the LGBTQQIAAP gang by cancelling a woman's membership after she complained about a man in the women's locker room. Use of the men's or women's locker room is dependent - under Planet Earth's Orwellian banner "judgement free zone" - on a person's "sincerely self-reported gender identity," and the "transexual" in the locker room claimed to be a woman. This headline-grabbing story may signal the beginning of a high-profile effort to force national acceptance of unisex public restrooms and locker rooms. And don't be shocked if it turns out the no frills, exceptionally-low-priced-membership "gym" is funded by special interests, both public and private.

As things now stand, the next "new normal" is anyone's guess. Stay tuned as the LGBTQQIAAP gang dupes gullible Americans into accepting most anything imaginable.

Update 3/15/2015 - Notice how USA Today promotes the absurd notion of "Genetic Sexual Attraction" in this article about the teenager planning to marry her father. Presstitute mainstream media is the LGBTQQIAAP gang's primary tool for spreading lies. 

Update 3/16/2015 - The branch of the LGBTQQIAAP gang that most likely played a major role in Massachusetts' schools now having to accept the gender a child "chooses," identifies itself as GLSEN. I wonder how many Americans are aware of GLSEN instructing school children how to perform various homosexual techniques, including the practice of "fisting." GLSEN has been infiltrating schools for many years via Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs.

Update 3/18/2015 - Columbia, South Carolina resident Heather Barwick - raised by lesbians - is speaking out against same-sex "marriage," and the LGBTQQIAAP gang - epitomized by Yahoo "Parenting" - is throwing its usual tantrum when anyone dares to expose a few unpleasant facts about the gang's inane "lifestyle." Be sure to click the link to Heather's SUPERB essay - she speaks SO admirably for her many peers. While Americans are making sure they don't offend members of the LGBTQQIAAP gang, maybe they should exercise some compassion and common sense regarding the helpless, hapless children subjected to these so-called "marriages." Of course, most homosexuals were raised by heterosexuals and have no concept of that it's like to be raised in a same-sex "marriage." The homosexual community's lack of empathy is as obvious as it is repulsive.

Update 3/20/2015 - South Carolina's mainstream media - most notably those in Columbia - musta not heard about Heather Barwick (see 3/18 update). Nuthin' like unbiased news coverage when it comes to the LGBTQQIAAP gang. Meanwhile, Heather is not alone in taking a stand: Other victims of "same-sex parenting" are also speaking out against same-sex "marriage," and those who dare to do so are being BULLIED by the LGBTQQIAAP gang. Victims have had enough of the gang's bullying and are producing a book about their experiences. Stay tuned.

Update 3/22/2015 - Homosexuals themselves are now speaking out against subjecting children to same-sex "parenting." Two world famous fashion designers - Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana - are being supported by an open letter from Heather and several of her peers. 

Update 3/23/2015 - Regarding GLSEN and its Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs in schools (see 3/16 update), I came across this story of an Irmo, South Carolina high school principal who resigned back in 2008 rather than be bullied into approving such a club. Hooray for Mr. Walker, and at this point, nobody should be surprised that WIS-TV "neglected" to expose GLSEN's teaching schoolchildren homosexual techniques. If Americans are lame-brained and cowardly enough to allow the LGBTQQIAAP gang to run their public schools, so be it.  

Update 11/17/2015 - The LGBTQQIAAP gang is now demanding "unisex" public restrooms at the University of South Carolina. Depend on "news leaders" like WIS and WLTX to provide biased coverage favoring the homosexual community. 

Update 5/11/2016 - Texans are waking up to the LGBTQQIAAP gang's psychotic agenda. Students "can no longer use the terms 'boy' and 'girl' and must abandon gender references..."

Update 6/3/2016 - 5/31/2016 article by Rachel Lu offers an apt summary: A time of collective insanity, the LGBTQQIAAP movement will self-destruct.

Update 1/28/2017 - A German sociologist, Gabriele Kuby, has dared to publish a book, appropriately titled "The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom."

Update 2/4/2017 - The LGBTQQIAAP gang's war on sanity further exemplified as the British Medical Association now instructs doctors to use the term "pregnant people" instead of "expectant mothers."