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Sunday, March 22, 2015

NEWS BLACKOUT re folks like Heather Barwick - a SC woman raised by lesbians - speaking out against same-sex "marriage"

WIS-TV has joined ranks with WLTX News19 in its unwarranted censorship of remarks critical of the LGBTQQIAAP gang. My impression of WIS as a sanctuary of free speech and impartial news coverage was sadly misplaced. My concerns about the absence of a free press in this country are right on target.

Heather Barwick's courageous letter to the homosexual community conveys the sincerity of conviction and the tenderness born of experience. She immediately expressed concerns that her voice would not be heard, and those concerns were well justified.

Today, after days of local media blackout, I placed a post on WIS-TV's Facebook page asking if they had done a story about Heather, and I included a link to an article about Heather's peers also speaking out in spite of bullying from the LGBTQQIAAP gang. About an hour later, I noticed that my post had been removed, and I asked WIS for an explanation, which they ignored.

The implications of mainstream media blocking stories about folks like Heather are enormous. It points to an Orwellian society controlled by sheer, unmitigated propaganda. Heather Barwick and her peers speak the truth, not to mention the fact that homosexuals are also beginning to speak out against subjecting children to same-sex "parenting." As the truth comes out, a recent study published in the British Journal of Education, Society, & Behavioural Science concludes that children subjected to same-sex "parenting" are indeed negatively impacted.  

How dare the "news leader" in Columbia, South Carolina ignore one of the capitol city's own residents willing to risk life and limb to expose such an important story? What a thigh-slappin' hoot that WIS has the unmitigated gall to tout its investigative clout. I was first alerted to WIS' outright lie in that regard when the station refused to interview a local professor of criminology who dares to speak out against the blood-spattered horrors of high speed police pursuits. 

The powerful, bullying nature of the LGBTQQIAAP gang obviously cannot be overestimated. The very idea that mainstream media in this country would gang up against defenseless children crying out to be heard. Likewise for a brain-dead, brainwashed American public so profoundly tail-tucked one has to wonder if its ability to discern right from wrong has been forever lost. I can't help being reminded of the public's deafening silence in response to the cold-blooded murder of teen-aged Marine recruit Jason Tharp.

The "Land of the Free" is in one sorry state of affairs.

Update 3/23/2015 - I tweeted WIS-TV and Jack Kuenzie - their "Senior Investigative Reporter" - a link to this post. I got a tweet back from Jack saying my "claim about the USC prof is absurd." Maybe WIS-TV's "Senior Investigative Reporter" has never heard of USC Professor Geoffrey Alpert (maybe he's never heard of Heather Barwick either). On WIS articles re high speed police pursuits, I've posted comments many times making references to Dr. Alpert's research, encouraging WIS-TV to interview him and do a story about the horrors of these pursuits. My comments have included a link to an investigative report that quotes Dr. Alpert, noting that he's "the country's leading expert on police chases." WIS is doing the public a disservice by not exposing the gruesome facts about these pursuits, and I've pointed that out. WIS has emphasized that they read comments posted on their Facebook page, but of course if newsworthy items are ignored (or removed as in the case of what I posted about Heather Barwick), it doesn't do the public any good. 

Update 3/24/2015 - The LGBTQQIAAP gang's efforts to bully people into silence extend far beyond Columbia, South Carolina. Amidst a continuing mainstream media blackout regarding Heather Barwick, here's an excellent article - from a relatively small publication, of course - exposing how the LGBTQQIAAP gang operates

Update 4/2/2015 - Vicious bullying by the LGBTQQIAAP gang has finally sparked a backlash. Money is pouring into a GoFundMe account set up to reimburse the owners of an Indiana pizza shop after bullying from the LGBTQQIAAP gang forced the shop to close. 

Update 4/4/2015 - The GoFundMe account mentioned above raised a WHOPPIN' $842,387. The public is finally gettin' fed up - pardon the pun - with the LGBTQQIAAP gang's bullying. Hee hee -the pizza shop owners got EXACTLY what they deserved, and it comes as no surprise that the guy who started the GoFundMe account - faced death threats and attacks on his family from the LGBTQQIAAP gang. Along the way, the pizza shop owners expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support.

Update 5/6/2015 - GoFundMe is now helping the LGBTQQIAAP gang bully people into submission. Sweet Cakes by Melissa raised over $109,000 on GoFundMe after the gang ran them out of business and one of the gang's judges recommended the bakery's owners be fined a whopping $135,000. At that point, lest there be a repeat of public support like that evidenced for the Indiana pizza shop, GoFundMe closed down the account. This is typical of the bullying tactics that have become the LGBTQQIAAP trademark. The good news is that an alternate site (problems with AT&T, readers will have to search) has been set up to help reimburse the bakery. Looks like the public is finally getting fed up with the LGBTQQIAAP gang.